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  • Sales and Marketing Blog - The Next Scoop

    Your free source to grow sales and marketing skills, covering a wide range of topics like digital marketing, SEO, content writing, tools, case studies, bias-free review, tips, trends, etc

  • 9 Powerful Content Development Tools to Create Killer Contents

    To make your content marketing journey successful you need to own an actionable content marketing strategy and create insightful contents consistently. Your content may range from a simple blog post to a complex graphic based analytical post, from a powerful press release to a compelling cornerstone guest-post. To maximize the productivity and amplify contents’ reach, […]

  • 7 Effective Tips for Creating a Branded Content - The Next Scoop

    You can create more compelling branded content by maintaining voice consistency and giving wings to your marketing efforts. If you have hired a reputed content marketing agency to do the job, ensure that all content writers in their team employ the same tone. 6. Concentrate on creating shareable content.

  • Content Writing: 8 Ways to Write Like a Content Marketing Ninja

    2. Read the excellent content. There are no doubts reading is a great way to improve your writing. Reading good articles and studying how the best authors create content can help you with developing your own writing style. You can find practices and ideas that can improve your content marketing strategy as well. 3.

  • How to Create an Effective Visual Content Marketing Plan for Your ...

    2. Tell A Story: It is always easy to portray a story visually in the form of an image, funny animation or a video than in words. It is the emotion that keeps them engrossed for seconds and that’s what matters. An exceptional piece of creative work of “text+visual” is a perfect combo. Source: GrooveDigitalMarketing.

  • Outsourcing Your Content Marketing - Everything You Need To Know

    Content outsourcing is the new option to integrate killer content into business strategy for all business types. A glance at the world of marketing reveals that businesses are drifting away from the practice of shoving their products in the faces of their customers. The name of the game is to extend a helping hand.

  • 8 Reasons Why Visuals and Infographics are Essential in Website Content ...

    Let us determine why visuals and infographics are essential in the creation of your website content. 1. Visuals and Infographics Attract Short Attention Spans, Creates Connections, and Sustain Viewers' Interest. Humans are highly visual creatures with the capability of processing visual information 60,000 times faster than text.

  • How to Create Target Customer Profiles - The Next Scoop

    Once you get familiar with the What and the Why it is time to shift your attention to the How. There are 5 simple steps to follow in the process of creating a TCP. 1. Group your revenue. In this step, you should start by looking at the broader picture and gradually narrowing your attention to the specifics.

  • 5 Ways How AI Will Redefine Content Creation and Delivery

    With AI, marketers can satisfy the content demand, create hyper-personalized content and ensure targeted delivery. Here’s a summary of 5 such ways in which AI will redefine content creation and delivery. 1. AI will eliminate the gap between content demand and delivery. Why have reporters write articles when you can program bots to do it for ...

  • The Evolution of LinkedIn Into a Powerful Marketing Tool

    LinkedIn has 562 million members (as of September 2018), and 260 million of those are active every month. An astounding 44 percent of those users make more than $75,000 per year. LinkedIn is a rich market, and advertising options are extremely robust. When it comes to reaching customers, the network is a powerful marketing tool.

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