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Jennifer Lopez's daughter Emme is her mini-me & her photos are adorable

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a woman wearing glasses and smiling at the camera: Jennifer Lopez and Emme © Provided by MamásLatinas Jennifer Lopez and Emme

There is no bond like the one between a mother and her daughter. Jennifer Lopez and her not so little girl, Emme Muñiz, share such a close relationship, and seeing them together really melts your heart. Jen was 38 years old when she welcomed her twins, Max and Emme, in 2008, and since then they have become the center of her world. Whenever they are brought up in conversation, her eyes fill with tears, and she is full of emotion just at the thought of the love she has for her babies. And who can blame her? They are the cutest. 

The singer's fans have been able to watch the twins grow up these past 13 years. They have wonderful personalities, and Emme is already displaying so many qualities and traits that are just like her famous mamá, who BTW is turning 52 on July 24.

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Emme loves the spotlight, and she sure has the talent to back it up. She loves singing, dancing, and acting–like her triple-threat mom–and she just might follow in J.Lo's footsteps when she gets older. Emme looks so much like her mom when Jen was a little girl, and although Emme has a lot of features from her dad, Marc Anthony, there is no denying that she is Jennifer's little girl. 

Time is passing so fast, and Jen has made sure to capture some adorable moments with her babies. Her pics with her daughter really are proof that Emme is for sure her mini-me. Scroll through to see some of the cutest pics of Emme and Jennifer that show these two are really carbon copies of each other.

Beauty runs in the family!

Jennifer posted this picture of her mother Guadalupe, herself, and Emme in profile for her JLo Beauty line whose tagline is "BEAUTY HAS NO EXPIRATION DATE." She's not kidding, look at all that ageless beauty on display!

The coconut did not fall far from the tree.

Jennifer calls her twins her coconuts, and she captioned this photo of herself with Emme: "#WeekendVibes with my coconut 🥥✨💗." Do we really need to point out that this coconut did not fall far from the tree?

More proof that the coconut did not fall far from the tree.

Emme is so young and she has already accomplished so much. She's even an author. Jen captioned this post from May 13, 2020: "So proud of my lil coconut 🥥 Emme, as she shares her own daily prayers in her very first book LORD HELP ME! This book will offer families a way to embrace the peace and power of everyday faith."

They both took on the Super Bowl effortlessly.

a group of people wearing costumes © Provided by MamásLatinas

The little one was not afraid to be part of the political statement that went down during the performance. She sang "Born in the USA" while her mom proudly showed off the Puerto Rican flag. She is only 11 years old, but she already knows to be proud of her roots and speak out for others.

Emme sang in front of thousands.

a group of people standing in front of a crowd posing for the camera © Provided by MamásLatinas

She sang so effortlessly and so beautifully, and her voice didn't shake—not once! She looked so comfortable and confident on the stage, just like her mamá.

She knows it's important to show up to rehearsals.

When J.Lo shared this photo prior to the Super Bowl, we simply thought her daughter was there to pay her a visit. Little did we know that Emme was there rehearsing just as hard as her mom.

Emme's a total mama's girl.

Emme and J.Lo are inseparable! The love between them is so adorable. You're never too old to give your mom a big hug while sitting on her lap, right? This pic is from back when Jennifer was still with A-Rod.

Emme loves visiting her mom on set.

There are so many pics of Emme visiting her mom on the various sets of her shows and movies. We're sure she picked up a few acting cues and tips from her successful mamá.

She's got her mama's beauty.

This pic Jen shared of her little one is mesmerizing. It's so clear that she definitely gets so many of her features from her mom and it will be so interesting to see what she looks like as an adult.

Emme's makeup will always be on point.

Jen shared this pic of herself doing her daughter's Halloween makeup. We have a feeling Emme is in good hands. Jen could add makeup artist to her list of many, many talents.

This Snapchat filter truly highlights how similar their faces are.

This mom and daughter duo looked so cute with this Snapchat filter, and it is so adorable to see that Emme is the spitting image of J.Lo. If they did one of those face swap filters, we might not be able to tell.

Emme shares her mom's sweet spirit.

No matter how old she gets, Emme is never too cool to show her mom some love and affection, no matter who is watching. The way her arms are draped around Jennifer is EVERYTHING!

Emme is ready for tour life.

Emme spent summer 2019 traveling all over the country with her mom and joined her onstage to perform "Limitless" in front of thousands of fans during her tour.

The moments they shared onstage were priceless.

"So many gifts this bday tour is bringing me... and this is one of my favorites.... sharing the stage and singing with my lil coconut," J.Lo captioned this clip. "My heart is full...she is #limitless."

Emme also has such an adorable relationship with her dad.

Marc Anthony et al. posing for the camera © Provided by MamásLatinas

Marc and Emme are also so close, but this pic shows that even when standing side by side with both of her parents, she leans in toward her mama. And not for nothing, her mama leans into her too.

She's growing up fast!

This pic Jen shared in November 2019 really shows that Emme is growing up fast, and almost reaches her in height. The love between these two is the cutest. Also, they both look pretty darned cute in beanies.

Emme and Max adore their mom.

These two kids are truly so loved by their mom. They still want to sleep in her arms, even now that they're growing up—and the love is mutual. Emme couldn't help but drape her arm around her mom while they all napped together. So cute!

Emme has already shown us her acting chops.

She starred in her mom's video for the song "Limitless" and acted as a younger version of J.Lo. She totally nailed it! How cool would it be if she got to play her mom in a movie later in life?!

Emme looks exactly how Jen did when she was little.

This up close and personal selfie Jen shared is just so pretty. Her daughter looks so much like her when she was a little girl. It must be a trip for Jennifer to see herself in her daughter.

Jen loves to admire her little one.

No one is a bigger fan of her kids than their mother. J.Lo is no exception, and she loves sharing pics of her gorgeous kids with her fans. How much do you wanna bet the admiration is mutual?

Emme is already a pro when it comes to photo shoots.

Emme knows how to pose to get her best angles already! She's appeared in a few magazines alongside her mom, and she does it so effortlessly. She did learn from the best, so it's not all that surprising.

Sometimes Emme is pure elegance!

Her sense of style is so similar to her mom's. She loves a girly dress and looks elegant no matter what she wears. She definitely gets her stylish versatility from her stylishly versatile mami.

We love seeing Emme with her hair pulled back.

J.Lo is known for rocking those tight buns when she is out and about, and the hairstyle looks just as cute on her daughter – and makes them look even more alike. They make buns look fantastic.

It's so adorable that they can be silly together.

Kids are only kids for a certain number of years, so it's important for parents to embrace their silly side while they're still young! Jen does that so well with her kids, and it makes their relationship look even sweeter.

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