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22 Celebrity dads who are proud to be 'Girl Dads'

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Alex Rodriguez et al. sitting at a beach: Alex Rodriguez Ella Natasha © Provided by MamásLatinas Alex Rodriguez Ella Natasha

While some would assume that all fathers-to-be would prefer to hear that their new baby will be a boy so their names live on, some dads are delighted to be fathers of adorable little girls. A daughter's bond with her dad is like no other. For little girls, dad is often the first example of what true love should be like.

Scientifically, having daughters also helps improve a man's career, extends his lifespan and can make him a better husband. A 2017 study from Harvard Business School showed that a man's brain reacts differently when parenting little girls and that it makes him more empathetic.

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The passing of Kobe Bryant in January 2020 inspired a trend on social media of fathers proudly claiming their titles of being a "Girl Dad," and it's definitely a trend we can all get behind. The trend came about after ESPN anchor Ellen Duncan shared a story of meeting the basketball star and him bragging about how much he loved raising his daughters. The athlete had four little girls, Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri, and although people often questioned if he and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, would continue trying for a boy, he seemed more than content being surrounded by all of his girls.

There are so many other celebrity dads who only have daughters and seem totally happy about it. Barack Obama, Alex Rodriguez, and The Rock are just a few of the superstar dads who are beyond proud to be #girldads. Scroll through to see which other famous men are proud to be fathers of daughters.

Race car driver Martin Fuentes has five adorable daughters.

Race car driver Martin Fuentes and his wife, actress and model Jacqueline Bracamontes have five adorable young daughters. And get this, they're all two years or fewer apart. Talk about having your hands full!

Kevin Jonas has two sweet little girls.

Musician and Jonas Brothers band member has two absolutely adorable curly-haired daughters named Valentina Angelina and Alena Rose, with his wife Danielle.

Kobe Bryant was more than proud of his girls.

The basketball star might not have had a son who would follow his legacy, but he was sure that his daughter Gianna would be the future of women's basketball. Gigi, who also died in the helicopter crash with her dad in January 2020, was following in her father's footsteps with the sport. Videos and photos of Kobe with his other three daughters showed how much he beamed whenever he spent time with his four girls.

Barack Obama is the dad of two girls.

Malia and Sasha Obama practically grew up in front of our eyes and a smile usually spread across his face whenever they were around. They were just little girls when they entered the White House with the former president, but now they're all grown up.

Alex Rodriguez is wonderful as a dad.

The former baseball star is often gushing and bragging about his love for his two girls, Ella and Natasha. He shared a tweet following the Kobe news, writing: "I'm so proud and lucky to be a #GirlDad. ❤️❤️."

Jimmy Fallon is a proud father of two.

The comedian has two daughters with wife Nancy. His little girls, Frances and Winnie, are the prettiest and we definitely see them running that household with their cuteness.

Matt Damon's house is run by girls.

Jason Bourne et al. standing next to a little girl posing for a picture © Provided by MamásLatinas

The actor has a full house filled with women. He and his wife have three daughters together, and she has a daughter from a previous marriage that he considers his own. That means he's not afraid to take on more responsibilities, like a real man!

Bruce Willis had all girls.

Rumer Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Bruce Willis posing for the camera © Provided by MamásLatinas

The actor welcomed three girls during his marriage to Demi Moore. Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout were products of that marriage, but he also welcomed Evelyn and Mabel during his second marriage. He has a total of five baby girls. Lucky man!

Adam Sandler has two little ones!

Sadie Sandler, Adam Sandler, Sadie Sandler, Jackie Sandler posing for the camera © Provided by MamásLatinas

The funny guy and his wife Jackie are proud parents to two daughters, Sunny and Sadie. If his parenting is anything like he is in the movies, the girls are alright! We bet they have a whole lot of fun together.

Jaime Foxx is a dad of two.

Corinne Foxx, Jamie Foxx posing for a photo © Provided by MamásLatinas

The actor knows that his little girls make for the best plus ones. Corinne Foxx and Annalise Bishop often attend award shows with their famous dad! They are both gorgeous and have great style, and he's always sure to show them off.

Russell Simmons is the dad to two gorgeous girls.

His marriage to model Kimora Lee Simmons resulted in the births of Ming Lee and Aoki Lee Simmons. The two young ladies are beyond beautiful and following in their mom's modeling footsteps. Their dad is their biggest fan.

Judd Apatow's daughters are full of talent.

Leslie Mann, Maude Apatow, Iris Apatow, Judd Apatow posing for the camera © Provided by MamásLatinas

The director and his wife, Leslie Mann, are the parents to Maude and Iris Apatow. The little ones began acting in their parents' movies from a young age and are now starting careers of their own. He must be so proud!

Travis Scott adores his Stormi.

The rapper became a dad in February 2018 when his then-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, gave birth to their first child—a little girl named Stormi. The little one always looks beyond happy whenever her talented dad is around.

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is one heck of a dad.

The actor has three girls and couldn't love that responsibility any more. He often shares photos of himself spending time with his girls, letting them paint his nails, having tea parties, and just being the best dad.

Ryan Gosling knows a thing or two about girls.

© Provided by MamásLatinas

The actor is in a home full of girls! Ryan and partner Eva Mendes welcomed two daughters together—Esmeralda and Amada—and he's often spotted running errands with them by his side.

Juan Soler's daughters are the prettiest.

The Argentine-Mexican actor and his wife Maki made some beautiful daughters together. They are parents to Mía and Azul, and their family of four is seriously adorable. They all look so happy together. We love seeing happy families!

Lorenzo Méndez has two daughters.

The singer is a proud dad to two cute girls named Kaitlyn and Victoria from his relationship with Claudia Galván. His estranged wife, Chiquis Rivera, has also had a great relationship with them. Even if he's not with their mother, he is still a part of their lives.

José Luis Rodríguez has three gorgeous daughters.

El Puma is the dad to three ladies, Genesis Rodriguez, Liliana Rodríguez, and Lilibeth Morillo. How lucky is he to be surrounded by so much love? You can tell they bring a lot of fun to his home life.

Gabriel Soto is the most awesome dad.

We love to see his relationship with his two kids, Elissa Marie and Miranda Alexa. Even if his split from their mom Geraldine Bazán has been a bit messy, he has made it a point to be present for them no matter what.

Pedro Fernández has three daughters!

Pedro Fernandez et al. posing for a photo © Provided by MamásLatinas

There is nothing but girls in the Fernandez household. The singer is a dad to daughters Gema Guadalupe, Karina Fernández, and Osmara. That is a home full of love. We're sure the girls kept them busy when they were younger.

Aaron Díaz feels blessed to have his girls.

The Mexican actor and model is the lucky dad to two gorgeous little girls. Regina and Erin definitely got some great genes from their handsome dad, and they look like they both have a lot of personality, too!

Raúl De Molina's daughter is his pride and joy.

The *Gordo y La Flaca* host is the dad to his little girl, Mia. She is his only child and ever since she was born, she has been the center of his world. Now, in her early 20s, we're sure he's made sure she knows how treasured she is.

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