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Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck already 'planning a future together,' says source

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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck apparently did not want to take reigniting their high-profile relationship lightly. Just days after they spent her 52nd birthday weekend on vacation, partying and yachting around the French Riviera, and went Instagram official, a source has asserted that "this is not a summer fling." The two have been seemingly inseparable since they were first spotted together back in April.

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J.Lo and Ben, of course, have big history, having been engaged back in the early 2000s but eventually breaking it off, citing "excessive media attention" as a contributing factor. In the almost two decades after, the two never had anything negative to say about each other, and Jen eventually revealed that losing Ben was her "first big heartbreak." Now that they're back together, it seems neither is planning to let go anytime soon.

They want this to last.

"They are planning a future together," a source recently told *People*. "They have [serious talks]( about how they can make it all work. Between their relationship, their kids and jobs, they know it will be tricky to balance it all," the source explained.

There's a lot more at stake.

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There's a lot more at stake for Ben and Jen almost two decades after they were originally a couple. Not only are their fortunes and financial assets more extensive, but they each have their own children to think about as well. Being more mature and more experienced, it makes sense that they are proceeding more thoughtfully.

But they're both so happy.

They don't seem to be letting the seriousness at hand affect their joy at all, though. "Jennifer is the happiest," the *People* source said. "She keeps gushing about how amazing Ben is." [Another source]( said that Ben, too, is "very happy" and that "she's wonderful for him."

Ben and Jen will do whatever it takes.

"They want to do everything they can to make this work," the *People* source confirmed. And we totally see why. They seem so comfortable and natural together every time we see them. The sort of ease between them is definitely #relationshipgoals.

They won't escape the attention, though.

Being the A-listers they are, they're definitely not going to ever escape the spotlight. If this video of their time in Capri during J.Lo's birthday trip is any indication, their relationship is still just as exciting to the public as it was all those years ago.

They might be better prepared, though.

Now that they've both had so many years to settle into their stardom, it looks like they are bit more prepared to deal with the attention in stride. Even amidst the chaos, they seem to always find moments to smile and laugh together.

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