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Uncovering the Gloucester shipwreck: Norfolk's Mary Rose

In 1682 a royal ship carrying the heir to the English throne ran aground and sank off the Norfolk Coast. The wreck was discovered by two brothers in 2007 and has remained a closely kept secret until now. Researchers at University of East Anglia are starting to unearth the mysteries behind the Gloucester's tragic end. Their work will reveal the lives of those on board, build a clearer picture of 17th-century society and tell stories of corruption, political intrigue, gossip, scapegoating, and class superiority. In 2019 the University of East Anglia joined the project as academic partner – lending its world-leading expertise in maritime history to tell the fascinating story of the shipwreck and the lives – both privileged and ordinary - of those on board. It is hoped that UEA’s scientific expertise and facilities will also be used to analyse finds from the wreck. Explore the full story: https://stories.uea.ac.uk/the-gloucester/ #ThinkingWithoutBorders #ThisisUEA #ExploretheGloucester #shipwreck #shipwrecks #Diving
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