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I made "Flappy Bird" in Game Builder Garage [+ Is Game Builder Garage worth it?]

Here's a review of Game Builder Garage + Game Builder Garage gameplay on the Nintendo Switch showing how to make your very own "Flappy Bird" level (or Helicopter game variant) in Game Builder Garage as a custom game, programming it "from scratch"! The newly released Nintendo Switch game, Game Builder Garage, lets Nintendo fans create their own games using a visual programming language that makes use of creatures called Nodons! You can create fun simple games, and some of the games that you can make in this Nintendo Switch game where you're programming by yourself can get surprisingly complex! Today, I show a simple tutorial on how you can make a Flappy Bird game by yourself in Game Builder Garage on the Nintendo Switch, showing gameplay of Game Builder Garage, and a game review of Game Builder Garage, so hopefully this can help you decide if you're interested in purchasing this or not! TIMESTAMPS: Intro/ Explanation - 0:00 "Flappy Bird" character physics + controls (UFO) - 0:34 Making the Flappy Bird level scroll - 2:28 Invisible ceiling for Flappy Bird - 5:34 Pipe obstacles for Flappy Bird - 6:48 Score for Flappy Bird - 7:45 Moving score board for Flappy Bird - 10:38 More Flappy Bird + textures? - 12:20 Is Game Builder Garage on Nintendo Switch worth it? - 12:39 MORE INFO: There are a lot of ways that you can program a game like this to work (or not work ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)), and there are so many different decisions that could have been made for this that would also work! With little changes you can completely change how the game works and its physics, and I hope you enjoyed seeing this gameplay/ game creation in Game Builder Garage with Nodons :D I don't have Switch online so I can't share my levels currently. If I get another Nintendo Switch I'll consider getting online for it MORE: If you like seeing how games work or what is possible in games, you might like some of my videos exploring how game mechanics work :D The surprising level design of Bowser's Highway Showdown - https://youtu.be/8iG6yndoxLs Why Snow Doesn't Crash Super Mario 64 - https://youtu.be/gj3xSEl-1Mk What happens if you fall off the World Map? - https://youtu.be/u5MT_6pkFy4 UPDATED GUIDE For people checking the comment after seeing 10:38 - I haven't created an updated tutorial for a moving score counter, I'm still using my current setup that I have REVIEW: Since this game just came out, here my quick thoughts on the game so far: the tutorials are really straightforward, and part of the target audience is likely kids who are interested in learning how to program. The instructions in the tutorials are really easy to follow. If you already know programming or if you've done game development before, the tutorials might be a little bit slow for you, but they're still entertaining with fun and quirky characters. I thought the game would be more limited when I first started playing it, but the more I play it, the more I see that you can do, and I'm really excited to see what people can make with this game! I'm enjoying the game a lot so far, but that said, just like all games, it's not for everyone. Some people might not like the idea of doing game development themselves or they might not like the process of problem solving when it comes to getting something to work. But, for people who are willing to learn how Game Builder Garage works, they'll be rewarded with a lot of room for play, working on their own creative ideas, and developing the kind of thinking that you use in other areas like programming and game development #NintendoSwitch #FlappyBird #GameBuilderGarage You're welcome to drop by my livestreams! https://www.twitch.tv/zxmany Make sure to click subscribe to be notified of new videos if you enjoyed this!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfVPkqHdqDon3OfKn6Qm1kA?sub_confirmation=1 ==== MY LINKS Twitch - https://www.twitch.tv/zxmany Twitter - https://twitter.com/zx_many Discord - https://discord.com/invite/MeAGTUZ Patreon (thank you!) - https://www.patreon.com/ZXMany
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