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Meiko Kaji - Urami Bushi (Translation in the description)

A music from Meiko Kaji, a japanese actress and singer. This song, you may know it from Kill Bill. Here it goes the English translation: My Grudge Blues "You're beautiful, you're the flower, he praises you. But if you bloom, he will get you scattered. Stupid. So stupid. I go so stupid singin' my grudge blues. You can accept your pitiful fate. But when you cry, he'll make you cry more. Women, oh women, It's women's tears that makes my grudge blues. I hate you. Full of regret, never forgiven. Try to erase my memory, but cannot forget you. It never ends, never, It never ends, 'cause that's my grudge blues. They say it's a dream, embers of one-sided attachment, laughing at you. So you decide to wake up, but fear to be fully awake. Women, oh women, Women's soul beats on my grudge blues. Crimson roses have its sharp thorns. Don't wanna hurt you, but have to stab you with my thorn. Burning, it's burning, It keeps on burning within my grudge blues. No flower would bloom on my dead body. So I will live along hanging on my grudge. Women, oh women, My woman's life belongs to my grudge blues."
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