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Rejected Goldeneye Theme - "The Goldeneye" by Ace of Base (Demo Version)

The song now exist as "The Juvenile" with slightly altered lyrics. For example, instead of "The Goldeneye" it was replaced with "The Juvenile". Here is an excerpt from a www.007museum.com article explaining why this was never used: "Ace Of Base, a pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden, recorded a demo for "GoldenEye" in 1994, a year after their debut album (which went on to sell more than 50 million copies worldwide). The group, comprised Ulf Ekberg and siblings Jonas Berggren and Jenny Berggren, were considered 'too big' for Bond by their American label, Arista Records. The company were reportedly worried about 007's return flopping in the USA: the movie would fail to attract a large audience, in turn damaging the group's standing. The opposite happened: not only was it a critical and commercial success, but it rebooted the career of Tina Turner."
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