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How Sleep Sensing Works on the second-gen Nest Hub from Google

Get a deeper look into your sleep. Sleep Sensing on the second-generation Nest Hub from Google can help you better understand the things that keep you from more restful sleep and the things that you can do to wake up feeling more refreshed. 💤 Good sleep starts with comfort. The new Nest Hub doesn’t have a camera and instead uses motion and sound to help monitor your sleep. There’s nothing to wear or remember to charge so you can rest peacefully. 🧐 Learn more about your night. Sleep Sensing takes note of your sleep-related movements—whether you’re tossing and turning, or out like a brick. It also notices your respiratory patterns like coughing, snoring, or anything out of the ordinary that might affect your rest. 🏡 Understand your environment. Sleep Sensing on the new Nest Hub can sense light and temperature—both of which can impact your sleep. So whether you left your bathroom light on, or if your room is too warm, you’ll know exactly what you can change for better sleep the next night. 📝 Personalized to you. Every morning you’ll get a summary on how you slept with insights, recommendations, and key takeaways for deeper rest. Get the new #NestHub on GoogleStore.com: http://goo.gle/3vqsFlL To learn more about #SleepSensing, visit: http://goo.gle/38Ib4MC -- Follow us on social: Made By Google Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/madebygoogle Made By Google Twitter: https://twitter.com/madebygoogle Made By Google Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madebygoogle Google Nest Facebook: https://facebook.com/googlenest
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