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9 hälsofördelar med att basta oftare

The Active Times-logotyp Av Nicole Dossantos av The Active Times | Bild 1 av 11: Unwind, release tension, and improve your overall health and wellbeing by simply relaxing in a sauna. Today, saunas have become more accessible; you can find them in hotels, gyms and spas throughout the country.*Related: 9 Simple Ways to Detox Your BodyEnjoying time in a sauna is mostly seen as an indulgence or a luxury. Saunas are typically used for relaxation, relieving stress, and losing weight. However, there are many more health benefits – both mental and physical – to take advantage of from regular sauna usage. Saunas are no longer just a spa indulgence, but an investment in your health.Expert health and fitness writer Nina Wells, from Steam Shower Store, shares with us the health benefits of saunas.

Oväntade hälsofördelarna med att basta

Att bada bast behöver inte bara handla om att ha det skönt och att skämma bort sig själv, det har faktiskt också många positiva hälsoeffekter. Hälso- och träningsexperten Nina Wells från Steam Shower Store ger oss de största hälsofördelarna med att basta regelbundet!

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